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Think Like A Man

Think Like a Man is the fictional account of Steve Harvey’s non-fiction book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” Harvey appears in the film, as himself, making the rounds on the talk show circuit, promoting his book and sharing words of wisdom with the modern woman who’s trying to navigate through the world of love and dating. Director, Tim Story (Fantastic Four, Barbershop) had the challenge, with the help of writers Keith Merryman and David A. Newman, of turning the non-fiction, self-help book, into an entertaining romantic comedy.

The movie centers around a group of guys, each with their own particular niche. The plot calls for: the divorced guy, Cedric (Kevin Hart); the “playa”, Zeke (Romany Malco); the mama’s boy, Michael (Terrence Jenkins); they guy who won’t commit, Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara); and the guy with potential, Dominic (Michael Ealy). Each, for the moment, seems to be satisfied with their lot in life—that is until a group of women come strolling into their lives. It’s the ladies, armed with the doctrine of Steve Harvey, that turn guy’s world upside down and each one is adversely affected by Steve Harvey’s real life book.

Through his written words, Steve Harvey mentors to the women giving them the male perspective and the knowledge to land a good man. The female leads lend themselves to a few formulated niches of their own, such as: the gullible one, Mya (Meagan Good); the single mother, Candace (Regina Hall); the extremely successful woman, Lauren (Taraji P. Henson); and the one waiting for a ring, Kristen (Gabrielle Union). All four women have their own unique man problems and attempts to fix them with the aid of the book. When the guys get hold of the book and learn that they have been beaten at their own game, they launch a counter attack and each must deal with the ramifications that follow.

Think Like a Man craftily walks the line between a guy’s movie and a chick flick,  successfully catering to both perspectives. It’s a movie that will be easily considered a win for both genders in the classic date movie clash. At first, the plot seems to have no direction until it reluctantly develops into a cohesive, yet predictable, storyline—pushing the limits of plausibility. The film does provide an endless flow of laughs through witty and sometimes crude dialogue. With his comedic timing, actor/comedian Kevin Hart takes the reins and leads a talented ensemble of actors. Not only is Think Like a Man funny, but also the nuggets of wisdom offered in the movie could be potentially useful.

Think Like a Man could possibly be a contender in the realm of comedies this year. Tim Story, along with writers Merryman and Newman, succeed at turning the non-fiction novel into a laugh-out-loud comedy for the big screen.

Reviewed by Franco Ford on 20 April 2012

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