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2 Broke Girls

Sex in the City producer Michael Patrick King and comedienne Whitney Cummings have delivered an innovative, fresh new comedy series sure to spark some conversation and, more importantly, many laughs from a typically vicious audience. 2 Broke Girls, which takes place in Brooklyn, is an American comedy chronicling the lives of two supposedly worldly waitresses: Max (Kat Dennings), who comes from a lowly, working-class family and works additionally as a nanny for a spoiled Manhattan socialite, and Caroline (Beth Behrs). Unlike the sassy Max, she was born into riches but lost it all after her father was caught operating a Madoff-esque scheme. Each episode brings the friendship closer as these two girls work together in their trashy establishment.

In addition to the budding friendship, Max and Caroline harbor a mutual dream to one day open a cupcake shop, the looming cost of which – $250,000 – lingers over their heads from episode to episode. Watch closely enough and you may even notice that the cupcakes are given a particularly serious starring role. In the present, unfortunately, they can hardly afford anything but what’s needed to survive, and they somehow continually manage to make ends’ meet.

One may think since these two ladies come from such different worlds that they are two completely different people. Economically, that’s true, but the girls are actually one-in-the-same, and strive for the same thing: personal happiness. Both Max and Caroline have qualities that are likeable, and pretty much any woman could say they have been in their shoes once or twice. One can definitely detect how they work off each other’s energies, and the sparks are kept flying from sequence to sequence.

2 Broke Girls has the perfect recipe with two highly amusing female lead actors assisted by a small, and great, supporting cast. As a unit, they all work particularly well and are each hilarious, maintaining disparate attention at any cost, like one pathetic one-liner. However, Oleg (Jonathan Kite), the Russian cook, and Han (Matthew Moy), the owner of the restaurant, need to be taken in small doses.

Overall, 2 Broke Girls has a lot of qualities that make it as enjoyable as it is. The entertaining concept and superb execution by the actors give the show definite potential for survival, and it would be easy to conceive of another few seasons working from the same material (minus the cupcake goal – they’ve got to accomplish that sometime, recession or not).

Grace Gipson

Reviewed by admin on 15 November 2011

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